How to Help Small Businesses During Coronavirus

It doesn’t take much to help a small business out.

It’s a weird time. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is on the rise here in the US and many people are doing their best to help stop its spread by social distancing and just staying home. Of course, that means that people aren’t supporting the small businesses that they usually do – restaurants, bars, boutiques, gyms, retail stores – you name it – it’s probably closed (or partially closed) because of Coronavirus – and we’re not sure when everything will fully re-open (yikes!). I’m sure some of you are wondering, “what can I do to help?” So, I’ve complied a list of ways you can help, from my online communication perspective:

  1. “Like” their social media profiles – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  2. “Like” or “Share” one of their social posts (or many!).
  3. Comment on a post – actually read the post and comment something that adds to what they said.
  4. Write them a review on Google – this will help them be found online (this might be the single best thing you can do!).
  5. Refer them to a friend – tag a friend in one of their posts.
  6. Purchase something from their online shop.
  7. Buy a gift card – you can use it later and the company gets the money now.

By showing small businesses some love online they’ll know that you’re supportive of them and that you care about the future of their businesses. And if you want to help even further, reach out to them and ask what you can do for them during this time of crisis. At least they’ll feel your love and support.

Speaking of small businesses, I’m a small business. 😉 And if you’re looking to refresh your brand and expand your online communication, contact me! Here’s a handy link to my services: Click Here. I’d love to help you turn this time into something beautiful.

Stay well friends.

How to Help Small Businesses During Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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