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Needs Supported:

  • Logo/brand identity
  • Color palette
  • Website design and development
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Copywriting

The Quintessential Rebrand Story

In today’s changing world, businesses can’t afford to have a logo and brand that feels outdated, lest customers assume their business is irrelevant. Smart business owners know when it’s time to invest in updating both their look and messaging. 

When I first encountered Cherry Creek DDS, they knew they needed a change. Not only did their logo and branding need a refresh, but their website also needed some TLC. With over 50 pages, it was difficult for customers to navigate. At the end of the day, Cherry Creek DDS decided they were ready to tell a better story. 

Changes to Messaging Played a Key Role in Attracting Customers

Before their rebrand, Cherry Creek DDS went by Gary Hagan DDS. One of the key changes we made was to shift the entire name of the practice to Cherry Creek DDS. The reason? Cherry Creek is a recognizable and desirable community in the Denver Metro area. Highlighting this name in the title of the practice immediately made them stand out from the competition. It shifted the focus of their messaging from the practice to their customers, making their customers the hero of the story.

The rebrand didn’t just include a new name, logo, and color palette. It also included the creation of a phrase that became the foundation of their marketing. Through conversation, we coined the phrase “Healthy longevity dentistry”, describing how Cherry Creek DDS views their goal for their patients. They don’t just solve problems, they prevent them. They are concerned with their patients’ overall health, not just their oral health. You can see the concept of longevity reflected in the design of the logo.

Cherry Creek DDS Website Design

The Power of Videography, Photography, and Copywriting

The most impressive rebrands are those where the client chooses to invest in professional videography, photography and copywriting. Cherry Creek DDS is living proof of this. Our team of carefully curated professionals was able to make them a stunning brand story video, featured on the homepage of his website. The professional photography featured throughout the site is also a huge part of showing customers who they are. Last, a copywriter was able to ensure the messaging on the site was as clear and on-brand as possible.

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